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Venue: The Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

01 Nov 2023

The International Solar Alliance is organising a High-level Conference on New Technologies for Clean Energy Transition in collaboration with the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, the Government of India, the Asian Development Bank, and the International Solar Energy Society on the sidelines of the Sixth Session of the ISA Assembly.

The overarching goal of the Conference is to translate dialogue into action. The Conference will be attended by the Ministerial delegations of the ISA Member Countries, policymakers, experts, and industry leaders. By fostering collaboration, sparking innovation, and sharing knowledge, the Conference aims to drive real-world change and make significant strides toward achieving global climate goals.

The focus is clear: to make solar energy the energy of choice, reducing carbon emissions, expanding energy access, and bolstering economic growth in the process.

Participating Organisations